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Electronic Discovery Services & Unified Document / Email eDiscovery

Athena ediscovery services provides comprehensive electronic discovery services so that you can use a single provider for processing electronic files, paper, and email. Athena Reviewer bring together a suite of collection and data processing processes that utilize forensically unassailable, technician-certified, and fully audited systems that define the industry standard for legal discovery work.

Athena Archiver provides an extensive suite of litigation services and tools which enable your company to:

  1. Reduce your e-discovery costs by up to 80% by offering streamlined processes and better technology
  2. Win important legal cases by processing data faster and more correctly than opposing council
  3. Work with a single vendor for all of your ediscovery needs
  4. Collectively bring decades of experience to bear on processing your electronic data

High efficiency document review.

In traditional document review, the costs of the the man-power required to do a full initial review of all the documents and sorting every file can be extremely expensive. This antiquated process can take weeks or even months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today, with Athena Reviewer, we can offer a better solution.

Athena Reviewer utilizes proprietary classification engines in which high-powered computers process and organize huge volumes of data into sorted buckets that can speed classification work by over 90%! By utilizing intelligent computer algorithms to "parse" and "categorize" data automatically, companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the most expensive part of processing a legal case. The best part is that the organized data is fully compliant with discovery requests and meet all legal requirements without the expensive costs of having an expensive lawyer individually read each and every document.

Evidentiary-quality archive integrity.

Athena Archiver offers unprecedented archive integrity to ensure evidentiary quality email results. This is achieved through a few unique features.

  1. Electronic signatures and time stamping of each and every email that comes into the system
  2. Full redundancy so that even if any component in the system is not working, every email is archived.
  3. Fully encrypted data to ensure that no tampering is possible in the system. Even a single byte that is incorrect will be marked as tainted
  4. Comprehensive auditing throughout the entire system.


Athena Archiver offers a fully electronic path to meet requests. In the past, users would send DVD's or tapes of data by FedEx causing privacy or security issues. Today, Athena Archiver enables legal teams to submit the data completely electronically reducing the liability of incorrect delivery or lost packages. One added benefit is that you have the ability to retract emails which are incorrectly submitted. Once emails are collected and organized, a single click operation enables users to export into native file formats such as PST or EML.

Emergency Discovery.

Emergency Discovery is a unique feature of Athena Archiver. With Athena Archiver's powerful electronic discovery software, administrators can run a single program that automatically scans the entire organization for emails and make it available in a single searchable archive. The entire process requires NO user intervention and is fully automated. It can save weeks of time restoring from tape, searching individual workstations, and manually processing multiple data formats. Emergency Discovery is the fastest way for companies to meet discovery or subpoena requests with absolutely no preparation. It is ideal for organizations that don't have an e-mail archiving system, but needs to meet discovery or subpoena requests in a timely manner.

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