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Save Time and Money.

Athena Archiver enables your ENTIRE company to save time from daily tasks in the inbox. On an individual level, the time savings seem small at 30-45 minutes per week, but when it's multiplied across every user in the company, the time and money savings can be tremendous.

Athena Archiver eliminates 90% of the time spent on three specific tasks for your entire company.

  • Searching for old emails.
  • Deleting emails to fit in a storage quota.
  • Organizing emails into folders.

Most companies get an immediate return on investment for Athena Archiver within the first 3 months. To help clarify how we help companies save so much money, we have put together this ROI calculator. All you need to do is fill in the following fields and you will see a customized chart of how much money you will save with Athena Archiver.

Monetary Costs:

  • Number of employees
  • Average executive yearly salary
  • Average employee yearly salary

After vacations, sick days, and holidays, there are about 1880 hrs per year for each employee.

  • Executive hourly wage equivalent
  • Employee hourly wage equivalent

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