Emergency Discovery - Reduce your Email Discovery Time and Costs.

Typically, producing documents without a proper archiving system is an expensive and manual process which usually involves hiring specialized consultants and the entire senior management team working for weeks to produce and review the required documents.  Often, clients pay exorbitant prices because they have a need which MUST be met and cost-effective options are limited.  Athena Archiver’s emergency discovery offers a cost-effective process for producing emails and documents even if there no previous electronic archiving solution in place.

Companies in the middle of a lawsuit can now launch a fully automated migration tool which retrieves and archives all the emails in an exchange server or all the psts on the network.  Emails are indexed and stored in the Athena Archiver system in a matter of hours or days without any user intervention.  A process that typically involved the  CEO, CIO, Legal Team, IT Team, and outside consultants for weeks has been reduced to a 10 minute task.  This ground-breaking process is the absolute fastest way to get emails out of a company.  Not only does Athena Archiver’s emergency discovery relieves tremendous stress and anxiety, but companies save tens of thousands of dollars in the first deployment.

Athena Archiver offers two options for storage.  The first option is sending the data to a server at Athena Archiver's data centers.  This offers the most cost-effective and easy deployment and is suitable for companies that want to get the job done fast and cheap.  No Athena Archiver server is necessary and the process only takes a few minutes of time to get started.  All data sent to the server is protected with the highest levels of security and encryption.  If clients do not want to send the entire email data over the internet for bandwidth or privacy reasons, a second option called the high priority on-site method is available where Athena will ship an Athena Archiver server which is connected to the network and provides server capabilities.

With emergency discovery, clients get an immediate, verifiable return on investment from a single case, but also get an option to continue using the service to be prepared for future cases.  

Athena Archiver has tools to help companies through every phase of the e-discovery process to provide a single comprehensive solution.