Outlook Email Archiving Service

Personal Archiving | Outlook Edition

Athena Archiver Outlook Edition is for people who use Microsoft Outlook every day, but need a better system for finding and managing emails.

As your inbox accumulates email, Outlook tends to perform slower and slower. Everything from launch speed to reading emails and searches dramatically slow down. Athena Archiver Outlook Edition solves these problems once and for all, turning some of the most frustrating problems with Outlook into a thing of the past. You'll be more productive, effective, and efficient in your inbox. In fact, you'll wonder how you lived without it.

  • Turn the slow, inaccurate Outlook search into an INSTANT search system. Athena Archiver fixes the SLOW search problem that many users experience every day with Outlook by enhancing it with the fastest, most accurate search system available today.
  • Remote Access to ALL of your Outlook mail and attached documents for multiple accounts from anywhere.
  • Offsite backup of your most important communications and attached documents.
    Never again worry about what will happen to your valuable email, documents and communications if you move computers, upgrade software, or reinstall your Operating system. Up to the minute backups of your email and attached documents. Be prepared for disaster if your hard drive fails.
  • Powerful organizational tools for managing large volumes of email.
  • Tagging is more powerful than folders.
  • Automatic classification and organization tools.
  • Future-proof - Continuously adding new capabilities and features for one monthly charge. Never deal with the uncertainty of upgrades with your critical data again.