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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Athena Archiver discovery product different from current solutions?

Unlike other vendors which only solve part of the eDiscovery solution, Athena Archiver provides a unified electronic discovery experience. We offer the ability to work with one vendor, use one product for the entire electronic discovery experience, and have one flat-rate price which doesn't nickel and dime you for every step.

How much does Athena Archiver cost for eDiscovery?

Our flat rate pricing of $600 per gig includes everything from import, search, review, and exporting of data for production. If you wish to host the data for extended periods there is a flat rate of $125/gig per month.

How fast is Athena's search capability across volumes of archived emails and attachments?

Athena Archiver's unique search technology enables users to filter and cull massive volumes of data before the import process so that legal teams can process more electronic data in less time. Once the data is in the system, our unique search technology offers the most accurate and fast classification system in the industry.

What types of data Athena Archiver's eDiscovery solution support?

Athena Archiver can import data from most mail servers, hundreds of different types of electronic files, and instant messages into a single unified search interface. Native files can be reviewed with text previews so that legal teams don't need the native application to view the document.

How long is archived data stored?

Customers can set the storage period of the archived data for as long as the case is active.

Can multiple lawyers work on the same data set?

Absolutely. Athena Archiver can work with dozens of lawyers on the same data set.

What format are archived messages exported to?

Records archived in Athena can be exported into native file formats such as PST or EML for no charge. Bates Numbering, TIFF, and PDF exports can be done with a small per page charge usually for pennies per page.