Athena Archiver Hosted Edition

On Demand Email Archiving Service

Hosted Edition

The Athena Archiver Hosted Service solves your email management and archiving needs, enabling you to address compliance, legal, and storage management concerns with minimal effort.

  • Outsourced email archiving allows you to greatly reduce your up front costs in terms of hardware and personnel. We host your archive at our secure data centers alleviating the need to purchase or reconfigure new hardware. This also reduces your personnel costs by eliminating software installation, storage management and long-term product maintenance.
  • Once installed, all incoming and outgoing email messages are stored in our secure offsite data center for 3 to 6 years. In our secure messaging center your administrators can setup automated policies to filter spam and viruses and flag messages based upon your organization's compliance policies. Pricing is based upon the volume of storage required to copy, index and store your messages for the specified term.

Beyond solving your compliance requirements, Athena Archiver's solution enables you to continue using your existing mail server or can provide outsourced email services to completely remove the messaging burden from your organization.

  • The Athena Archiver Hosted Service frees you and the IT team to solve other problems. Our offsite storage provides power backups along with redundant backup copies. The Hosted Service provides additional value through disaster recovery. If your entire email system crashes, you will have the confidence that users can still access all of their past email without interruption. This allows your company to maintain productivity even during system downtime. If you would like to experience Athena Archiver Hosted Edition, try the live demo here.
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Athena Archiver Hosted Edition
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