Email Compliance

With the continuous passage of new laws each year, meeting regulatory compliance requirements can seem like an endless task. Rather than find a new solution for the "law of the month", Athena Archiver provides a single long-term solution which is flexible enough to adapt to new laws without requiring a massive migration and update of all the data in the system. Athena Archiver offers one of the most future-proof solutions available today by storing the data in it's original form, with continuously updated tools to support data management, auditing, indexing, and interface design. This means that the archive NEVER changes, even as we add features and update the system to work with new laws.

I can't buy a new solution every time a new law is passed. Athena Archiver is the first "future-proof" archiving system of it's kind.     

Email compliance is one of the biggest areas of concern for many companies. CIO's have a daily mandate to find better tools to proactively catch violations BEFORE they occur. Athena Archiver enables companies to proactively review and enforce corporate email policies so they can perform regular audits and internal investigations. With Athena Archiver, it's truly possible to KNOW that your company is in full compliance each and every day.

Athena Archiver's policy management system enables organizations to apply a consistent corporate email policy to each and every incoming and outgoing emails.
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However, Athena Archiver helps with more than just email compliance. Document archiving and Sharepoint integration enables companies to get a handle on how ALL of your corporate data is managed and accessed. For the first time, companies can have a single place to go to search all of your corporate data.


Benefits of email compliance with Athena Archiver

  • The first "future-proof" system which enables organizations to be prepared for existing and NEW laws.
  • Evidentiary-quality records from email and attachments
  • Establish mandatory internal controls & supervisory procedures with enforcable policy management
  • Prevent spoliation issues with WORM storage
  • Flexible compliance feature set helps you adapt to new regulations and laws
  • Fine grained access control to provide secure yet highly accessible data

Regulatory Compliance features include the following:

  • Archived records are preserved in duplicate including a non-rewriteable, non-erasable format that uses integrated hardware and software controls to ensure high quality long term storage.
  • Litigation quality- Automatic verification of the quality and accuracy of the storage media recording process is provided using cryptographic signatures.
  • Tamperproof hardware can be installed for protection against physical attacks.
  • Serialization of original and duplicate records is delivered with time-date information for the required retention period.
  • Indexes and records preserved on electronic storage media can be easily downloaded to any acceptable medium.

Frequently Asked Questions about Email Compliance

  1. What Compliance regulations can Athena Archiver help me with?
    Sarbane-Oxley, Sec 17a-4, HIPAA, NASD 3010, FDA CFR Part 11, and more. See our compliance laws section for more details.

To Learn More about Athena Archiver and compliance visit the email compliance laws Section of this site.