Athena Archiver Solutions

Athena Archiver is a comprehensive email archiving solution that will allow you to create a secure archive with the capability to search and retrieve past emails with unprecedented speed. Athena Archiver addresses critical business issues such as litigation support, regulatory compliance, storage management and disaster recovery.

Why should I use Athena?

There are many reasons why you should implement Athena Archiver in your messaging infrastructure. Here are a few:

Litigation & eDiscovery

Discovery Management

Be prepared for any civil proceeding Easily handle discovery requests, audits, examinations and investigations. Quickly manage and organize thousands of emails. Save money on legal services like Bates numbering, scanning, copying, and delivery of printed email.

Policy Management

Knowledge Management

Communicate email retention policies and proactively catch violations as they occur. Meeting compliance requires a system for enforcing actions and ensuring that the policy is not subverted. Athena Archiver provides a fully audited, expressive method for managing email based on policies.


Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance and Policy Management. Each year, new laws and regulations make managing email compliance and proactively addressing policy management increasingly important. Get a excellent return on investment by saving your company millions of dollars of fines in lawsuits or penalties.


Storage Management

Storage Management

Storage Management and Lifecycle Management. Increase the performance and reliability of your existing messaging infrastructure by relieving your systems of years of legacy email. Automatically manage the expiration of your emails based on your retention policy.

Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery

Be prepared for any disastrous event. To ensure business continuity, Athena Archiver provides efficient real-time archiving so e-mail is accessible even when the primary mail server is not available. Reduce your backup and restore window by over 60%.

And More

More Reasons to Use Athena Archiver

Security and other Features. Incredible focus on protecting the integrity and confidentiality of the archive. High value per dollar spent and easy to read return on investment. No hidden costs or expensive third party license fees. Guaranteed service levels. Up and running with minimal training for end users.