Our Mission

Athena Archiver has a singular mission and focus as a company and that is to produce the best email archiving product for our customers with the highest value possible.

Every day our entire team is driven with that goal in mind. We continuously focus on new innovations and take pride in producing one of the leading products in email archiving. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled. When we find a software bug, we fix it immediately. That means you can expect fantastic software and exceptional support. When a customer calls, we pick up the phone. When there is a problem, we jump. We want our customers to love our product AND our service.

By being a private company, we answer to one person, the CEO. Fortunately for our customers, our CEO is accessible. Our size and focus is an ADVANTAGE to you because we don't need to go through layers of management to get things done and you can be sure that one hundred percent of our resources are allocated towards making sure you're a raving fan of our service.

Company Profile

Athena Archiver is a leading provider of next-generation information management software and on-demand services for email archiving, enabling organizations to cost-effectively comply with industry regulations, proactively manage complex litigation and discovery requests and increase the efficiency of messaging resources.

Athena Archiver appeals to global enterprises, law firms, government agencies, financial companies, public companies and health care companies who are looking to mitigate business and operational risk, lower operating costs, accelerate responsiveness to email requests and create a searchable information archive with real business value.