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Athena Archiver is a next-generation email archiving and storage management system which enables companies to meet growing litigation, compliance, and policy-based corporate governance needs.

Search millions of emails in seconds: Athena Archiver has an average search speed of 0.8 seconds.     
*Based on a random test sampling of 500,000 e-mails.
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A searchable archive of corporate data

Auditors, legal teams, human resources, and executives can directly access the company's information archive in seconds. Realize an immediate return on investment by helping your entire company to find that "lost" set of emails, documents, or communications and make boosts to your entire company's productivity.

E-mail review and classification tools

Tag and organize millions of emails instantly. Legal teams can use case management tools to create collections of emails, and easily mark them as responsive, privileged, or reviewed. Reviewers can classify emails using an intuitive and streamlined interface, improving productivity by over 200%.

Enforceable e-mail policy management

Ensure email compliance with regulations and acceptable use policies. As each email goes through the Athena Archiver system, a customizable corporate policy is applied to every email. This method automatically performs a series of actions including blocking a violating email, routing a message to a reviewer, auto-classify the email, or warn users. Athena Archiver provides extensive logging and auditing tools to ensure companies are prepared for spoliation or accountability issues.

Flexible storage management

Athena Archiver helps IT teams to get their email storage under control. Administrators can lift user storage quotas and keep their Exchange server streamlined with only a smaller subset of "active" data. Athena Archiver moves the bulk of email information stores to cheaper nearline drives, which can be replicated offsite to ensure an extremely high level of reliability. Users can view archived mail directly within Outlook with an integrated Outlook add-in.

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New: Emergency Discovery

Introducing the fastest legal discovery tools to collect, search, and produce data for electronic files, e-mails, and documents.

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