Emergency Discovery

The fastest way to respond to a discovery request

Athena Archiver: Emergency Discovery Process

Emergency Discovery is offered with two options. 1. Emergency Discovery Software 2. Emergency Discovery Appliance - Appliances are overnight fedexed to customer sites for immediate archiving.

  1. Import and collect all the email on the network
    Run our PST migration tool to find all the PST's on your network.
  2. Search and Filter
    Perform a wide range of powerful searches against the imported data which are responsive to a case.
  3. Review and Classification
    Review emails efficiently and classify into case-specific groups such as : responsive, confidential, redacted, etc.
  4. Export and Delivery
    Export the data into a number of formats such as PDF, TIFF, or EML.  Since Federal Court requires TIFF exporting, Athena Archiver can perform automatic native formatting of the data without sending emails to a separate service bureau.
  5. Litigation Holds
    Case specific rules are easy to setup since the entire set of data is on a separate server.  It can easily be purged when no longer necessary. 

A difficult situation such as being unprepared for electronic discovery can be the catalyst required to deploy a proper email archiving system in record time.