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Data Backup & Recovery

Athena Archiver Email Archiving Solutions provide enhanced disaster recovery options by enabling automatic off-site email storage and data replication to a mirror site. Administrators will never have to worry about losing important email data again. All email data is archived in real-time to ensure the most accurate offsite mirror without time consuming backup schedules. In addition to full disaster recovery options, Athena Archiver enables individuals to perform one step self-service email recovery.

A major problem with conventional email backups is the inability to access any past information until administrators restore the email system. This could take days! In addition, most companies without an intact email recovery system run the risk of permanently losing email older than 6 months. Athena Archiver is one of few solutions to provide prompt recovery of key individual mailboxes, and with email stores at optimal size, they can be recovered much more quickly.

For many companies using Exchange, other email backups fail to include PST files since they are often in use, resulting in a partial recovery or none at all. With Athena Archiver solutions e-mail disaster recovery, management of PST files is safely addressed so that your company can resume its daily business.

Athena Archiver Data Backup and Recovery Benefits

Improve your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.
Athena provides an integrated business continuity feature which enables users to access all their email even when the primary mail server is down. Two of the greatest dangers of typical backups are the lack of tested procedures and corrupt backup tapes. Tapes that do not restore data when needed and failing backup mechanisms are common primary reasons for failure. Athena provides replication support across several offices to enable companies to eliminate a single point of failure. In addition, Athena Archiver enables faster recovery from disasters by shrinking the storage footprint and dramatically reducing daily backup and restore times.

Save time on restore operations.
Recover PST Mailboxes or individual emails in seconds. You'll never have to find which tape has a set of emails again.

Shift from backups to archiving.
Typically, backups are stored on tape and largely consisted of static data; and if that data is included as part of regular backup and restore, then "you are constantly backing up the same static data over and over, which is a huge cost. That kind of approach will necessitate buying bigger servers and bigger tape libraries as the archive continues to larger." It quickly becomes an unscalable solution. While incremental backups are possible, typically they are not as reliable as a full backup. Athena Archiver utilizes a reliable incremental real-time method of storage which allows full access to information as it is being captured and alleviates the need to do nightly backups at all. Athena Archiver has intelligence so that data is space and search efficient as it is stored.