Athena Archiver Storage Management

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Email storage management is one of the most important issues for companies managing email servers today. One of the reasons it is in the top five IT concerns is because email is a critical service which is becoming overwhelmed by volumes of email. Without a plan to manage growth, servers become less responsive, less reliable, and more likely to be frustrating for users and administrators

Here are some of the ways Athena Archiver helps with Storage Management.

Incredible Storage Efficiency.
Through powerful compression algorithms and single instance storage techniques, customers achieve 60-80% compression ratios. Athena Archiver utilizes smart indexes to reduce the total archive size significantly. While most competitors only save attachments as single instance stores, we save both email and attachments in single instance stores providing customers an additional 20-40% storage savings from that one feature alone. Athena Archiver's greater efficiency on the back end creates significantly faster search time, less bandwidth usage and greater cost savings on hardware.

According to the IDC, 35 billion email messages are generated every business day; up from 10 billion email messages daily just five years ago.     

Enable a comprehensive tiered storage strategy.
By storing data into storage layers which progressively get cheaper to maintain and access, IT Administrators can fully utilize all hardware investments to their full potential. Athena Archiver enables a company to automatically shift from primary storage to near line to offline storage. Athena Archiver has as an optional component, full WORM/Offline Storage Support and policy based lifecycle management.

Improve your mail server's scalability, capacity and reliability.
Companies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading email hardware and performing expensive migrations and lengthy backups just to keep up with the demands on their mail servers. Many of the problems center around the fact that so many critical services fall on a single server. Athena Archiver enables the workload to be distributed to servers which are optimized for long-term archiving, searching, and organizing of terabytes of legacy email. Additionally, this allows for unlimited mailbox size. By enabling companies to save future upgrades and migrations, there's a strong return on investment just from a storage management perspective.

Protect the confidentiality of your data.
Athena provides a highly secure encrypted information store. Granular access control enables a fine degree of control over who has access to what part of the archive.

Access your email information anytime you need it.
Athena's search times are largely independent of the archive size, which allows very fast searching even as the email store grows. With search times typically under a second, your information has never been so easy to access.

Optimized for Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, and IBM Lotus Notes
Athena Archiver is architecture independent so you can have the ultimate flexibility with any major email server. Powerful aging and flexible retention periods enable Groupwise, Lotus Notes, and Exchange storage management to be seamlessly integrated into a single solution.