Athena Archiver Partner Benefits

  • Earn Valuable Income
  • No Financial Commitments or Expenses
  • Discounted Pricing
  • Receive Royalties on Licensing
  • Premium Support
  • Reseller Training
  • Advertising

The Athena Archiver Alliance Program provides a flexible foundation of business-enabling resources and support which lets advisory and consulting firms participate in and benefit from the deployment of the Athena Archiver platform.

Whether you are looking to recommend, resell, attach, integrate or embed, the Athena Archiver Alliance Program provides you with the tools you need, including:

Program Benefits

Discounted Pricing
Aggressive discounts. Athena Archiver employs an aggressive discount and renewal discount structure for partners. The company also maintains a Marketing Development Fund (MDF) and selectively co-invests in partner activities.

Reseller Training
Training. This includes internal-use demonstration software and Athena Archiver product training programs.

Increasing Reseller Sales
With the support of our Athena Archiver sales team, we will provide our resellers with special partner sales programs to help you increase your revenues. By incorporating special direct mail pieces, outstanding sales incentives, great margins, timely trade show support, free technical support and a pre-qualified lead program, Athena Archiver's Partner Program is designed to stimulate sales that will sky-rocket!

Joint Account Development
Our sales staff will help you identify accounts in your marketplace that we know meet the criteria for a profitable sale. We will show you how to qualify accounts for Athena Archiver Solutions quickly and efficiently. At your option, we will make the initial sales calls with you to permit knowledge-transfer from our staff to yours. Our sales engineers are available to accompany you on site when in-depth technical information is needed.

Premium Support Toll-Free, Timely and In-Depth Product Support Partners have access to a special toll-free Partner hotline for technical support at 1-888-613-9400. An area sales engineer is available to support local Partners with sales and technical support on a pre-scheduled basis. Telephone support from both sales engineers and sales consultants is available on a daily basis. Premium support also provides "buddy calls" with a qualified sales manager available on a pre-scheduled basis.

Easy Access to Product
One of the joys of doing business with Athena Archiver is that all product procurement is handled on a direct basis. That means that you no longer have to compete with every partner in your territory who can buy directly from national distributors at the same price that you do. Every Athena Archiver Partner must complete all Partner Program documents, and sales and technical training to become an Authorized Athena Archiver Partner.

Special Marketing Events
At various times during the business year, Athena Archiver may elect to provide a special direct mail piece for our active partners. Athena Archiver will entertain any direct marketing opportunities in your area to promote Athena Archiver Solutions that we deem worthwhile such as local trade shows and local area government and education trade shows.

Up-To-Date, Informative Collateral
Up-to-date spec sheets of all products, FAQ papers, white papers and competitive materials, including material not generally available to the public, will be made available to all approved VAR's at no cost. There will be an order form available at the Website for convenient re-orders.

Exclusive Incentive Programs
As a Athena Archiver Partner, you'll have the opportunity to participate in Athena Archiver Partner Channel promotional programs; access to potential marketing dollars through Athena Archiver when tied to an acceptable return on investment program; opportunities to initiate or participate in Athena Archiver's sponsored mailings, seminars, training and other marketing programs; and opportunities to participate in Athena Archiver's national sales contests.

Lead Program and Referral Program
As part of the Lead Program, your Channel Director will send you pre-qualified leads for potential customers who have contacted Athena Archiver. And, when you refer a customer to us, our Enterprise Referral Program guarantees you a share of the revenue!

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