Athena Archiver Software

Email Archiving + Multi-Server Support

The Next Generation in Email Archiving

Athena Archiver is changing the nature of the email archiving world with truly innovative, disruptive technology. As a company focused on building next generation technology, we have targeted each critical component of archiving and worked hard to make it significantly better than the defacto standard. Here are a few of the ways in which we have set a new standard for archiving.

Feature Comparison Matrix

Component 1st generation systems 2nd generation - Athena Archiver
Email Capture Technology Microsoft Journaling Integrated, Optimized Exchange Plug-in to reduce overhead on the Exchange server
Search Engine Web or Database Search Engine
Inaccurate search results
Comprehensive archiving engine which meets discovery, scalable, life cycle management, and search engine accuracy
Outlook Integration Message Stubbing, or simple web interface Full outlook Integration with web interface
Full search and classification capabilities
Web Interface Basic HTML or DHTML interface Full web 2.0 experience with flash
web-oriented Application GUI
Installation Time 2-4 weeks 10 minutes
3rd party Integration Kit-bashed piece wise integration for databases, os, etc. More failure points, complexity, room for errors. Comprehensive single solution
Single Audit system.
Single, comprehensive system
License Costs Multiple License costs for OS, Database, Worm, etc One-price for all the technology
Data Encryption Little to no encryption on indexes or data Full encryption on indexes and data
Key Management Keys reside on local machines on client site, or hosted site keys reside in a customer established - 3rd party site with no data or indexes
Migration Tech Mapi based PST Import Exclusive Native PST Import System - Over 20x speed improvement on import
Operating System Windows is the only option Only company in the world to allow you to choose windows or to use NSA's SE Linux which supports mandatory access controls and higher security.