Athena Archiver Hosted Edition

On Demand Email Archiving Service

Main Benefits of the Athena Archiver Hosted Edition

  • Find your data instantly with a scalable, accurate, data-oriented search engine

    Perform company-wide searches across your entire email store in seconds, not hours or days.
    Index everything including meta-data, header information, and attachments
    Evidentiary quality email production
    Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive hardware costs by utilizing more efficient search technology
  • Immediately fix mail server storage and performance problems.

    Work with Exchange, Lotus Notes, Groupwise and most Unix Mail Servers
    Relieve mail servers of storing years of legacy data
    Dramatically improve the responsiveness of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server
    Fix slow folder search and retrieval performance
    Store legacy email in an optimal long-term archival format which can easily be migrated or restored to native file format.
    Improve backup and restore times up to 70%
    Easily migrate to a new version of your mail server without having to migrate all your legacy email data
  • Enable effective long-term storage management for your critical data

    Fully automatic real-time archiving
    Automatically use cost-effective nearline storage instead of expensive primary storage for legacy data
    Automatically expire data based on policies
    Time periods can be set on a per user/group basis
    Save over 50% of your original archive size with true single instance store on all your emails and attachments
  • Organize and data-mine your data with powerful tagging technology

  • Achieve full compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, FRCP, extensive and detailed auditing/reporting capabilities

    Time-stamped tamperproof log files
    Full Auditing of all accesses to the data.
    Full Auditing of configuration and policy changes to the system
  • Easiest deployment in the industry

    Fully deployed in under an hour
    Migrating email from exchange is a one step process.
    PST Migration Tool - Easily consolidate your entire email data by automatically finding rogue pst files and including them into the archive.