Easy Setup

Exchange Hosting

If you already have Outlook or Exchange, it is simple and straightforward to move your mailboxes to Athena Archiver. Just follow our instructions below, and, of course, please contact us with any questions.

Self-Service Migration

Our extensive experience hosting Exchange has allowed us to develop the easiest, most effective way to migrate Exchange and Lotus to our platform. Sign up for your Small Business Exchange hosting service from Intermedia, then you can start migrating your email over to our systems. As soon as we get your data, you will be fully functioning. To begin, just follow these basic steps, and, should any questions arise before, during, or after the process, contact our support team at support@athenaarchiver.com:

  • Use HostPilot to set up your email account
  • Forward email from your old server
  • Create your new Outlook 2007 profile
  • Update MX records
  • Send and receive emails; your migration is complete!

Migration by Intermedia

Since 2000, Athena Archiver has offered Exchange hosting. In that time, we have become experts at migrating customers to our hosted Exchange servers, both from older versions of Microsoft Exchange and from other platforms such as Lotus Notes. Highly-qualified Microsoft-certified technicians will be in charge of the process. Our Enterprise and Custom Enterprise Exchange hosting plans come with free migration time - 2 hours and 5 hours respectively - to assist you with your move. For our Small Business plans, we recommend following the straightforward instructions to self-migrate your own data, or we'd be happy to implement any of the following service options:

  • Option 1: Pay per mailbox export/import fees

    Removable media Price per mailbox
    (Mailbox < 1.7 GB)
    Price per mailbox
    (Mailbox > 1.7 GB)
    Shipping & Handling charge
    DVD/FTP only $10/mailbox $24/mailbox $24
  • Option 2: Export/Import Fees Pay per gigabyte (for larger migrations of many mailboxes)

    Removable media Price Includes mailbox data up to... Additional data migration
    (per 8 GB block)
    Where each mailbox is no larger than ...
    HD/FTP $250.00 ≤ 40 GB* $10* 1.7 GB **
    DVD $300.00 ≤ 40 GB* $10* 1.7 GB **
  • Copy Existing Public Folders

    Removable Media Standard Price Each Additional 10 GB Total Disk Space
    HD/FTP $150.00 $50.00 ≤ 10 GB
    DVD $250.00 $50.00 ≤ 10 GB