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Meet growing litigation, compliance, and policy-based corporate governance needs by using Athena Archiver, a next-generation email and instant messaging archiving system built from the ground-up to be the world's most efficient and accurate archivng solution.

Athena Archiver is changing the nature of the email archiving world with truly innovative technology. As a company, we have targeted each critical component of archiving and worked hard to make it significantly better than the de facto standard. This includes building the industry's fastest and most accurate search engine.


Athena Archiver Hosted Email Archiving

Wireless Email

Wireless Email

Athena Archiver sets up and manages a 24/7 service dedicated to hosting BlackBerry, Good Mobile Messaging and Microsoft ActiveSync. Don't hassle with the expense and time spent deploying a BES or other solution in-house.

BlackBerry® Good Mobile Messaging ActiveSync
Blackberry 8830 Palm Treo 755p Motorola
Give your staff real-time BlackBerry email, contacts and calendars through Athena Archiver's fully-synchronized BlackBerry® email access solution. An in-house BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is more difficult, expensive, and now completely unnecessary. Those with the Treo, Motorola Q, BlackJack, Nokia E62 and many others will appreciate the enterprise wireless messaging offered by Good Mobile Messaging (formerly GoodLink) from Motorola. Your Windows Mobile device, through Exchange 2007 with ActiveSync, can give you instant 'push' email on devices including the latest Treos, Motorola Q, Dash, BlackJack and many other smartphones.
$9.95 per month per user,
with a one-time setup fee of $49.95.
$19.95 per month per user,
with a one-time setup fee of $29.95.
$2.95 / month with no setup fees.



Athena Archiver Hosted Exchange includes SharePoint free of charge, and also offers SharePoint packages with additional disk space that let your staff store more documents online.

Details Pricing One-time Setup
200 MB storage: $9.95 $19.95
2 GB storage: $29.95 $29.95
10 GB storage: $79.95 $79.95
50 GB storage: $199.95 $199.95
100 GB storage: $399.95 $399.95
Additional disk space, per 500 MB per month: $8.95
Access for user with Exchange mailbox: FREE
Access for additional user per month: $2.00

Spam and Virus Filtering

Spam and Virus Filtering

Athena Archiver email security, powered by Postini, helps keep your email free from viruses, spam, phishing, and other email threats. A hosted solution, Google email security blocks spam and other threats well before they reach your enterprise. Unlike legacy products,our solution greatly reduces your IT resource requirements and costs, because it requires no hardware or software to install and maintain.

Complete spam and virus protection

  • Stop spam, viruses, phishing, denial of service (DoS), directory harvest attacks (DHA), and other email attacks with comprehensive message security.
  • Experience zero-hour anti-virus protection with multi-layered protection, including heuristic and signature-based detection.
  • A convenient web console reports extensive and detailed quarantine summaries to end-users.

Real-time processing with scale and reliability

  • With patented real-time, pass-through architecture experience no delays, message loss, or disruptions to email service, regardless of how high spam volumes climb.
  • Message processing at an availability of 99.999% and with capacity to handle billions of transactions a day.
  • Policy enforced domain-to-domain messaging encryption using standard SSL or TLS protocols.
  • SAS 70 Type II certification and WebTrust seal validate Postini's stringent standards for physical and operational security, assuring the safety of your communications.
  • Manage communication policies for message attachments and content.