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Email Archiving Software

Athena Archiver Software Edition is offered to large organizations that need the highest levels of scalability, redundancy and performance. One of the greatest challenges for enterprise size organizations is meeting daunting record retention requirements and integrating with complex multi-layered messaging systems. To ensure a seamless transition to our systems, the enterprise edition is set up on-site by our team with fault-tolerant multi-server configurations, 24/7 support and advanced IT training/migration consulting.

By distributing multiple, high-performance servers across the network, organizations can increase capacity dynamically to ensure near 100% uptime. It is an ideal solution for enterprise size organizations with multiple exchange servers and/or locations.

Athena Archiver integrates seamlessly with your existing email servers allowing you to improve the efficiency of your entire messaging infrastructure. We enable you to utilize your preexisting storage infrastructure such as SAN/NAS devices in order to maximize value.

A few of the highlights of the Athena Archiver Software Edition:

  • Highest performance of any other email archiving system
  • Tight Integration with your existing messaging infrastructure
  • Transparent design allows for easy maintenance
  • Fully redundant configurations which allow near 100% uptime
  • Highly scalable even across several geographical locations
  • Access the search engine from anywhere in the world through any web browser
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Email Archiving Software

Athena Archiver Software Edition
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