Athena Archiver Leadership

Building a great company begins with great people. The Athena Archiver leadership team consists of successful leaders with over 15 years of hardened real-world experience and proficiency in their areas of expertise. Athena Archiver follows a progressive, streamlined management system which seeks to eliminate bureaucracy and to produce consistent, high quality customer experiences in every aspect of the business. Collectively, we utilize our experience and capabilities to produce some of the most innovative and exciting technology available today. These are some of the people that help make Athena Archiver possible.

MATTHEW RUBENSTEIN     |   Technology

Mr. Rubenstein brings over 15 years of pioneering technological innovation in industries including finance, networking, communications and media.

Some highlights include :

1994 Invented the Internet "fax relay extranet" and the first Web photo agency.
1995 Invented the "multidomain webserver" ', 'interactive pay-per-view Internet TV', integrating streaming video with phone/IVR and IM/chatroom, and a Web dating service later relaunched as LavaLife.
1996 Invented distance learning CMS as "Classroom/Course Management System" for Prentice-Hall HETD' academic market. Invented "active server pages" inline-CGI HTML, Google AdWords "associative searches" for commercial website searching and DoubleClick style clickthru banners.
1997 Invented a universal equity research publishing client for brokerages to various protocol publishing servers and fax distribution) and other pioneering secure, distributed messaging/publishing workflow systems.
1998 Delivered a mobile networked concierge system

Prior to Athena Archiver, Mr. Rubenstein started North American Media Engines (NAME), as COO with his two partners. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, NAME produced interactive intranet and Internet applications, mostly for banks, brokerages, insurance agencies and publishing corporations. Mr. Rubenstein delivered workflow systems for equity research publishing, reporting, compliance, and integrated trading info. He produced secure network applications both VPN and within firewalls, for communications and commerce, under both SEC and CSA (Canadian) oversight, for clients including Toronto Dominion Securities, DeutscheBank North America (NYC), Prentice-Hall, Where Magazine, and dozens of smaller clients. Mr. Rubenstein's client list is varied but his responsibilities included the design, development and delivery of products for the Canadian Federal government (WID), Ontario Provincial government (MEDTT), the US Navy, Northern Telecom, and various NYC financial corporations.

Mr. Rubenstein's holds degrees in Physics and English from Columbia and UC Berkeley.

JERRY WOLFF     |   Marketing

Mr. Wolff has over 20 years experience in the advertising and marketing industry. Following a successful few years in the radio industry, Mr. Wolff's saw tremendous opporunities in the cable & television industry. Over the course of 10 years, Mr Wolff created Sportstec Marketing & Sales, Sportstec Sales, Inc, and Cabletec Media. Sportstec Marketing & Sales specialized in the sale of sports sponsorships on Cable Television and signage in sports arenas. Sportstec Sales, Inc added the capability of developing and implementing sports marketing media and promotional programs on a local market basis. Cabletec Media offered advertising agencies and clients in depth media planning and buying expertise in national, regional, and local cable.

Following tremendous success in all facets of cable television sales and marketing, Mr. Wolff consolidated his business interests including Sportstec and Cabletec under a new umbrella company, Total Communications Group, Inc.

Total Communications Group specializes in research, planning, negotiating and buying of all forms of traditional and non traditional media.

The roster of distinguished clients Mr. Wolff developed for Total Communications Group includes companies such as:

Sharp Electronics, MBNA, IDT Corp, Net2Phone, Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises, Cidco Communications, Colgate Palmolive, CSC Computer Services, Milton Bradley Products, Conagra Corp., LG Electronics, Casio Consumer Products, NAPA Automotive Products, Alberto Culver Co., Gulf Oil Corp., and many other blue chip corporations

TERRY E. BIBBENS     |   Government Sector

Mr. Bibbens brings over 25 years of executive experience in the defense intelligence and public service sector. Mr. Bibbens served seven years as the Entrepreneur in Residence for the Office of Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration. In this position he provided senior-level national policy guidance on issues affecting high-technology industries and growth companies.

Mr. Bibbens served 10 years as CEO of Antekna, an innovative technology defense company which returned over 30:1 to initial investors (60:1 to founders). This entrepreneurial experience included three rounds of financing (one angel round and two VC rounds) and a tax-free acquisition by a Fortune-500 firm.

He then served 10 years as division president for two divisions of Loral Corporation--a Fortune- 500 defense electronics company at that time (1982 to 1992). His division leadership included guiding the fastest growing and most profitable Loral division ($8 to $30 million in three years with 25 percent pre-tax profit); and then a major turn-around in 1985 on the largest Loral acquisition of that time, the $100 million ROLM Mil-Spec Computers. He also served as Director C3I at the Loral Corporate headquarters during the acquisition of Goodyear Aerospace in 1987 which doubled the size of Loral from $750 million to $1.5 billion.

RAY SICKINGER     |   Compliance/FDA

Ray brings over 20 years of experience with Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance, and Validation-engineering. Ray has spent the last 10 years understanding the needs of the FDA regulated industries of Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Medical Devices, Healthcare (Hospitals, Clinics), Cosmetics and Neutraceuticles. Ray sits on several national and international boards as a Regulatory Compliance/Quality Assurance Technical consultant. His clients ranged from Fortune 100 manufacturers to small and mid-sized firms with global corporate and international manufacturing and research facilities. Ray have guided companies through the web of FDA CFR, cGXP's, GAMP4, ICH, ISO Standards, regulations, guidelines and codes. His abilities have helped clients with facility selection support, technical-scientific evaluation, facility and production equipment design support, equipment and computer systems factory acceptance testing, site acceptance testing, commissioning and validation to meet the Code of Federal Regulations and ensure FDA approvals.

Ray is highly regarded in the Pharmaceutical industry with recommendations from companies such as Phizer, Merck, and Wyeth.

JACK MCCLUNN     |   Finance

Jack McClunn brings over 18 years of experience in accounting, finance and operations experience.

Mr. McClunn was a founder and the Director of Finance of ePresence, Inc., a technology consulting and software development firm which during his 8 years there he guided from original business plan to the January 2000 acquisition of the company by Banyan Systems. Mr. McClunn was retained by the publicly held company after the acquisition and served as Vice President of Finance for 2 years.

Mr. McClunn also serves on the boards of several companies and charitable organizations, and is a Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International.

Mr. McClunn received his B.S degree from La Salle University and an M.A degree from Monmouth University, and has attended Harvard Business School Executive Education programs focusing on entrepreneurial and financial continuing education.

BRADFORD E. BILLET     |   Public Service Sector Advisor

Mr. Billet brings over 25 years of experience in International Affairs, Emergency Management and Security, Governmental and Business Management, and Administration and Operation.

Mr. Billet serves as the Deputy Commissioner of the Office of the Mayor, Commission for the United Nations, Consular Corp and Protocol, Office of the Mayor.

Mr. Billet provides substantial policy guidance to all City agencies, including the Mayor's Office, as well as NYC businesses and residents regarding relations with United Nations, foreign governments and their officials. On an on-going basis, Mr. Billet directs and advises on matters of security and emergency management related to the international community. He coordinates with all law enforcement and emergency service agencies in preparation for high-security events, such as the United Nations General Assembly Debates and UN Special Sessions, OpSail, visits of Heads of State/Heads of Government, World Economic Forum, and other city sponsored events.

He has received numerous honors and commendations throughout his career and he continues to lecture on Public Safety and management issues. Mr. Billet has been nationally recognized as a Certified Emergency Manager and Continuing Legal Educator. In 2002, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll awarded Mr. Billet an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE).