Athena Archiver Software Edition

Email Archiving Software

One-step compliance and archiving solution.

The Athena Archiver Software Edition is package ideal for hedge funds, broker dealers or any small/medium sized organization that has a need for email archiving, compliance, and disaster recovery.

Athena Archiver lets you take control of your organizations communications while optimizing storage resources, increase end-user productivity and reduce IT overhead. Athena Archiver Email Archiving Software helps ensure the long-term retention and instant retrieval of email and files in the event of a regulatory investigation or discovery request.

Athena Archiver offers many options to meet the needs of the smallest SMB to the largest Enterprise size company. Athena Archiver Solutions are priced within the range of SMB, Hedge Fund, Broker-Dealers, and Small public organizations that have a need for Email Archiving, Compliance, Business Continuity, Risk Management, Knowledge Management, Data Life-Cycle Management, and Disaster Recovery starting at $1,000.

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